Organization of the SAT

Component Time allotted No of tasks/ questions
Reading 65 52
Writing and Language 35 44
Essay (Optional) 50 1
Math 80 58
Total 180 (230 with essay) 154 (155 with essay)
Test Components A Detailed look at the Test Components
Reading Test 4 single passages plus 1 pair of passages; 500 to 750 words each, a total of 3,250 words; 10 to 11 questions per passage
Writing and Language Test 4 passages, 400 to 450 words each, a total of 1,700 words; 11 questions per passage
Essay (Optional) Analyze an argument (a passage of 650-750 words); at the end of the SAT test, after both multiple-choice sections have been given
Math Test 1 No-Calculator Section:25 mins;20 questions; 15 MCQ, 5 Grid-in1 Calculator Section:55 mins;38 questions; 30 MCQ, 8 Grid-in

Some features of the SAT

Þ    The SAT assesses your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you’ll need in college and career.

Þ    Working hard in school, challenging yourself, and being an active class participant are all great ways to prepare for the SAT.

Þ    The SAT has been carefully crafted by many people, experts in their fields, to ensure that it’s a fair test that assesses the knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed in college and career.

Þ    Colleges care about your SAT score it’s a strong predictor of how you’ll perform in college. By doing well on the SAT, you can show colleges that you’re ready to succeed.

Þ    Since there is NO PENALTY for wrong answers, you should answer every question on the SAT.

Þ    SAT passages are drawn from high-quality, previously published sources in the subject areas of the U.S. and world literature, history/ social studies, and science.

Þ    All of the information you need to answer the questions can be found in the passages themselves or in supplementary material such as graphics or footnotes. You won’t be tested on your background knowledge of the specific topics covered. In fact, be careful not to apply outside knowledge to the passage or questions, as this may skew your interpretation of the text.